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"Shakhtakhti" Charity Society has proceeded its activity since 1972


This society was created by a group of Shakhtakhty people who lived, worked and studied in Baku in 1972. Shakhtakhty people living in Baku needed to material and spiritual help, to be together in bad and good days, to have intercourse with one another. These were very important factors for arising of this society. So there were few wealthy men amid them. Inhabitants of this village had lived in the condition of friendship, kindness and humanity in ancient time which had created unbreakable links among them. Creation and activity of such a society was very difficult and prohibition at the time of the Soviet Union. So to create any society was prohibited by state.

But in spite of all these, Shakhtakhty people showing manliness in ancient time created informal “Shakhtakhty” charity society. Administrative Personnel of the society was elected by way of voting openly.

Chairman: Safarov Huseyn Heydar oglu

Deputy Chairman: Abdullayev Ashraf Mashadimuslum oglu

Treasurer: Gasimov Gasim Muhamed oglu

Members are elected to the council of the society too. The members of the council consist of the following persons.

Mahmudov Ahmed Akbar oglu

Mamedov Arif Huseyngulu oglu

Seyidov Yasin Mirgasim oglu

Musayev Ali Alekber oglu

Mamedov Jamshid

Musayev Xalil Jabi oglu

Mamedov Firudin Ibrahim oglu

At that time the regulations of the society had been made by Abdullayev Muhamed Mashadimuslim oglu the most active initiator of the society as the following form.

  • Everybody can be a member of the society if he is from Shakhtakhty by origin.
  • Appoint one manat to membership dues of the society.
  • Membership dues aren’t given back to the person who refused to be a member.
  • Elect Administrative Personnel – Chairman, deputy chairman, and treasurer by way of voting openly.
  • Create council of elders for supervising the Administrative Personnel.

More than 200 men assembled in the first meeting of the society in 1972. Although this reflected very few part of Shakhtakhty people living in Baku it was joyful because there were such countrymen who hadn’t seen one another for ages and some of them even had never met before. They were very glad to meet one another and expression on their faces was joyful. Destination was appointed in S.Vurgun Park at 10:00 on May 9th every year and held in high-level. Shakhtakhty people living in Sumgayit were taking an active part in this meeting too.

After assembled in S.Vurgun Park, business meetings were being held in the seaside park. Abdullayev Muhamed, Safarov Huseyn, Abdullayev Alashraf, Seyidov Kamran, Musayev Khalil, Rasulov Asif, Seyidov Yasin, Asadov Faramaz, Ahmadov Nasraddin, Alizade Mamed and Musayev Jabrayil had had a big role for creating and developing of this society. There weren't any relevant places at that time that is why the first meetings were being held in Kamran's cottage. The first Zabrat cemetery (on the way to Balaxani) was given to the society by a group of intellectual and elder people of “Shahtakhty” charity society and Yashar Aliyev's help. “Shahtakhty” charity society aids to poor, orphans, poor families, ill persons, talented students, unemployed people which need material and spiritual help. It takes care of them and keeps in the attention too.



ASADOV Faramaz