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    GASIMOV Mayis Alekber oglu (06.05.1939, Shakhtakhti village of present Kengerli region) Candidate of Biological sciences (1973), doctor of Biological sciences (1998), professor. He graduated from the faculty of biology of Azerbaijan State University with honorary diploma (1962-1967), entered post graduated course of Institute of Botany of ANAS (1968) and was sent on an assignment to Leningrad for continuing his education. He worked as a chief of the laboratory of the dyestuff receiving technology from vegetative dyestuffs in Special Constructor Bureau of ANAS (1981-1998) and now he is a scientific worker at Institute of Botany of ANAS. He was rewarded with honorary decree of Azerbaijan Inventors and Rationalizers Committee for applying natural dyes production methods to the Food and Carpet-making industries (1974) and the second grade diploma, 2 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze medals for demonstrating scientific and practical results at the Exhibition of USSR Economic Achievements (1987) in Moscow and honorary decree of ANAS. He is an author of more than 220 scientific works, 8 monographs, 2 books and nearly 20 patents which are applied to industrial production methods. He is an active member of “Shakhtakhti” charity society.