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    The Charter of “Shakhtakhty” Charity Society




    "Shakhtakhty" charity society (hereinafter-the society) is the social unity founded on the ground of voluntariness and principles of law equality of its members.

      • The society implements its objectives based on the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic and the current charter.
      • The society has been granted the status of a judicial person since it was officially registered in the Justice Ministry of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
      • The society has an private building, a stamp with its title on it, account in the banks of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as other requisites.
      • The society will be able to conclude covenants on its behalf , to possess property and private non-property rights; to be a plaintiff and respondent in the court.
      • The society’s legal Address is: 11 Kamil Balakishiyev st, Baku, Azerbaijan




      • Basic purpose of creating this society is to continue of the investigation of the sides of the historical personalities, well-known scientist and academicians from Shakhtakhty which still haven't learnt completely , to show help for opening of the mysteries of the historical monuments in Shakhtakhty and it consists of the other duties shown below:


    - To participate in carrying out of the concessions determined by state for invalid, ill, poor people and orphans , in organization of social supervision.

    - To give material and spiritual help for the cure of the heavy illnesses of orphans and poor people.

    - To give material and spiritual help for orphans and poor people who have lost close relatives and aid for organizing mourning places corresponding to the tradition.

    -T o give material and spiritual help the talented poor people for owning education and profession.


      • Society uses mass media, organizes seminars, symposiums, concerts for carrying out of the duties and involves different organizations in charity work with sending its representatives on an assignment to them .



    3.1. B uildings, devices, apartments, cash resources, stocks , other valuable papers as well as the property for financial provision of the activities intended by this charter can be in the property of the society .

    3.2. Cash resources of the society arises from the following sources:


    From measures and endowments given voluntarily by office, enterprises, organizations and citizens ;

    To separate income gained as a result of economy activities from the enterprises established by the Society;

    From income coming from exhibitions, concerts, lotteries and the other ceremonies;

    From income earned from periodic publication;

    From other receipts which have not been prohibited in the legislation.


    3.3. The members of the society do not have special rights over the separate objects entered its property.

    3.4. The society possesses the right to own and manage its property in correspondence with its activity objectives and earmarking of its property in the order stipulated by the law of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

      • The aimed resources included into the society's account can’t be spent on other purposes. Representations, establishments influence the law in specified form.




    4.1. Membership in the Society is personal.

    4.2. Admission of the Society members is carried out by the Administrative Board of the Society.

    4. 3 . The persons wanting to become the Society members submit a written application to the Administrative Board. The application is considered within a week by the Administrative Board.

    4.4. Membership certificate is given in the form affirmed by the supreme organ of the society.

    4.5. The members of the society have the following rights:

    - To participate in the administration of the Society based on the order specified in this Charter and other documents;

    - To elect and be elected to any elective organ of the society;

    - To participate in the events arranged by the Society;

    - To get information about activities of the elective organs and officials of the society;

    - To appeal to the society for giving assistance to the defence of interests;

    - T o participate personally in the debates on any matter concerning his or her rights and duties; to protest and appeal to the corresponding bodies of the Society.

    4.6. The member of the society can’t be the member of the two elective organs of the society at the same time.

    4.7. If corresponding organs of the society empower to the member of the society, he will be able to represent the same organ or make a declaration on behalf of it.

    4.8. The members of the society carry out the following duties:

    - To conform to the law of the Azerbaijan Republic, charter of the society and moral norms;

    - To partake at the actions arranged by the Society;

    4.9. The membership in the Society is determined by The Advisory Council.

    4.10. The membership in the Society is terminated in the following cases:

    - Voluntary leaving the Society membership;

    - Expulsion from the Union membership;

    4.11. A member of the Society is expelled in the following cases:

    For committing actions disgracing the Society;

    For regular evasion from participation in the work of the Society;

    4.12. Expulsion from the Society's membership can be done only by the decision of the Administrative Board of the Society.



    5.1. The Supreme organ of the Society is the General Assembly summoned no less than once a year.

    5.2. T he quota of the representatives is defined in the G eneral Assembly by the A dvisory Council of the Society.

    5.3. The General Assembly accepts the Charter of the Society, adds and makes amendments to it;

    - determines the basic activity directions ;

    - elects the General Assembly, the chairman, and the Administrative Board;

    - A fter listening separately the reports of the Advisory Council and the Administrative Board, it debates them.

    5.4. The decisions accepted in the General Assembly are taken by a simple majority of the votes.

    5.5. The General Assembly is summoned by the Advisory Council. The out-of-turn assembly will be able to summon with demand of the 1/3 parts of the society members;

    5.6. During the general assemblies the Advisory Council leads to all activities of the Society.

    5.7. The chairman elected in the general assembly leads to the Advisory Council;

    5.8. The chairman:

    - represents the Society;

    - concludes covenants on behalf of the Society with consent of the Advisory Council, gives decree on the Society's property including cash resources.

    - holds the meetings of the Advisory Council;

    - controls over the activity of the Administrative Board and the other organs of the Society.

    5.9. The e xecutive chairman leads the execution of decisions passed by the General Assembly and The Advisory Council of the Society.

    5.10. The editors-in-chief of the periodic publication of the society are elected by the Advisory Council.




    6.1. The Society is considered liquidated in the following circumstances;

    - with the decision of the General Assembly (the Commission);

    - with the decision of the Court;

    - in other circumstances intended in the legislation.

    6.2. A Liquidation Commission is set up based on a decision on liquidation of the Society. All the powers relating to the Society's transactions are delegated to the Commission. The Liquidation Commission draws up a liquidation balance. During the liquidation of the Society the property remained after budgetary reckonings and discharge of account payable debts is used according to the Charter purposes based on the order stipulated in the legislation.