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    RASULOV Asif Mukhtar oglu (1931, Shakhtakhti village of Kangarli region) Candidate of Technical sciences (1966), doctor of technical sciences (1988), professor of science branch of oilfield (1989), investigator and honorary worker of the ministry of Gas Industry. He graduated from the faculty of oil deposit of Azerbaijan Institute of Industry (1955). He worked as a head scientific worker at All Union Scientific Research Institute for Natural Gases in Moscow (1962-1966), a chief of the laboratory and deputy director at All Union Research Institute of Natural Gas processing and transportation (1966-1994). He has worked as a chief of the laboratory of “Sea oil-gas project” Research Institute of SOCAR since 1994. He is a member of Experts Council of Supreme Attestation Commission under President’s Office. He was decorated with honorary decree of USSR embassy for scientific research in Bulgaria and “honour” order for working 55 years at Oil-gas Industry. He is an author of 270 scientific works, some monographs, more than 60 patents and authorship certifications. He is an active member of “Shakhtakhti” charity society.