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    GASIMOV Gasim Mamedali oglu (1934, Shakhtakhti village of present Kangarli region) Candidate of physical- mathematical sciences (1978). He graduated from the faculty of physics of Azerbaijan State University (1959). He assumed obligation to make “Electron accelerator” at Institute of Physics; therefore, in compliance with an agreement dated on april 1960 he was sent on an assignment to Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPHI). He hold investigation on the accelerator theory which was used as a scientific research at the other Institutes in our Republic. He has worked as a scientific worker at the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Institute of Radiation Problems till 1999, a head teacher and senior lecturer at Azerbaijan Cooperation University (2000) and he has worked as a head of “General technical subjects” department since 2003. He is an author of about 50 scientific works and 3 authorship certifications. He has been a treasurer of “Shakhtakhti” charity society since 1972.