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    ASADOV Faramaz Maharram oglu (1938, Shakhtakhti village of Kangarli region) Candidate of technical sciences. He graduated from technical school of Baku Oil Technology (1957) and Azerbaijan Institute of Industry named after M.Azizbeyov (present Azerbaijan State Oil Academy (ASOA)). He worked as an engineer and a device chief at the system of the Academy of Sciences in 1959. He has been a director of “Admixture” Bureau of Special Technological of ACI since 1980. He was awarded honorary title of “Inventor of the USSR” (1973), medals for labour valour, honor veteran (1986), Republic honorary decree of the colleagues confederation and the Presidium Board of the Academy of Sciences. In compliance with the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev’s decree dated September 30, 2009 he was rewarded with “honoured engineer”. He is an author of nearly 40 scientific works, 21 authorship certifications and 4 patents which are applied to industrial production methods. He has been an active member of “Shakhtakhti” charity society since 1972.